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Michael Sinclair was raised in Hawaii, graduated from Kalani High School and attended the University of Hawaii for over four years in their Pre-Med program before deciding he wanted to explore other avenues of medicine.
He moved to Seattle, WA in 1990 to pursue a career in Emergency Medical Services. After being certified and working as an EMT for about three years, he decided he wanted to use more alternative (less invasive) means of helping people restore their health.


He then proceeded to attend Bastyr University (WA) and enrolled in their Naturopathic Medicine program while teaching CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Response courses for the Red Cross. He received his Bachelor Of Science Degree in Natural Health Sciences.

He also decided to study Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (Bastyr University) after seeing it work extremely well on some of his patients, and obtained his Master Of Science Degree in Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine . He has achieved diplomate status (nationally certified by the NCCA) in this field.

He also spent over 2 years doing his internship at Bastyr Natural Health Clinic - which is one of the major alternative healthcare clinics in Seattle. All of Bastyr University’s programs are fully accredited by the Department Of Education.
Michael also studied Chinese Energetic Healing Technique under Dr. Kam Yuen and is
Certified in Chinese Energetic Medicine Advanced Courses .

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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Natural Health Clinic